In keeping with our policy of providing flexible options tailored to your specific needs and budget, Discovery Camps offers you the choice of:

Fully Catered: all meals are supplied on-site, at other venues or on the run….e.g picnics, packed lunches and BBQ’s.

Self Catered: Our cabins have fully equipped kitchens where you can bring your own food or have it pre-delivered prior to arrival. In addition, the recreation room at Shoal Bay Holiday Park has a full commercial kitchen where you can supply your own cooks / chefs or get us to arrange someone.

Most of our Camps use a mix of these 2 options. For example, guests prepare their own breakfast, have lunches at attraction / activity venues (such as on the dolphin watch cruises, at Oakvale Farm or at the Brewery) and a fully catered evening BBQ.

Bring your own or bring nothing!

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