Innovative: we fit inside the square to deliver your desired outcomes but think outside the square in how we can deliver them

Affordable: we can tailor your experience to meet your budget constraints. Whilst we have difficulty with the impossible, you will be amazed how close we can get to it!

Experience: We have been hosting school groups of various sizes and ages for over 6 years…..we’re good at it

We know everyone: It comes with experience. If we can’t provide something directly we know the people who can and who does the best job…and this extends to beyond Port Stephens

We have a dedicated Co-Ordinator: one point of contact, just like your personal assistant to make sure all goes smoothly.

Control: accommodation is co-located making it easy to supervise the group. Facilities such as recreation rooms can be provided for exclusive use which means that everyone can eat, work and play together.

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